Forex is why I’m Broke

Because Even The Best Traders In The World Suck Sometimes!

I’ve no secret magic, never considered myself a PRO. I won’t teach you how to get rich, because I’m not. Actually, I’m not even going to teach you how to win a single trade. I’ll teach you nothing but one thing – How you got broke. And if you haven’t yet, I’ll show you what’s going to get you broke. Baby Traders, Sharks and Fools, let me introduce you to the ForexIsWhyImBroke.com Community (Which, including myself, counts 2 people)!



I created ForexIsWhyImBroke.com because I see more and more and more people make the same mistakes and falling into the same scams.


Education by writing tons on tons of trading stories and lessons, based on my own experience and detailed research of other traders stories.


ForexIsWhyImBroke.com is going to change the Forex industry (just kidding). It’ll help you avoid frauds and mistakes, and make you a better trader!

Enjoy, and Learn!

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