Forex Drives Me Nuts! Calm Down, Forex Is Why I’m Broke is Here to Help!

My Dear Diary… Concluding 2 Months of

What a Month! Or was it a couple of months? Can’t really remember. Forex made me nuts. Actually, made me nuts. Working 24/7 to get this website look better, research better and most important, write better. I finally took some time off working my regular schedule to actually trade, and then decided I’m so in love with this project that the only thing I want to do is write about it, try and describe my feeling towards FIWIB (that’s the shortcut I gave Forex Is Why Im Broke…). The only came up to my head was – NUTS! Now what do you do when you feel nuts? Go to of course! Why? Because there ain’t nothing better than asking an actor (or a wannabe actor, I don’t really care. I liked the guy) for a short gig. And what a funny result; really made me calm.


Coming Soon: Lots of cool videos and clips by Forex Is Why Im Broke YouTube Channel!


What was Achieved? Where are we Headed?

Back to actual writing. The blog already has more than a dozen articles and reviews posted, rating system is finally up, and the homepage really looks beautiful. My tech guy Nick wakes up every morning with new designs; hope you like what you see. I know I do… So I want to use this opportunity to thank Nick for a job well done, and more than that. Keep it up mate! Your hard efforts are really making this website looks good, inviting, modern and simple to use. Now it’s up to me to keep researching, uncovering scam and every day mistakes that might get traders broke. Trust me, there are too many to be counted. But that’s what I like about this website – it adds value. I’ll strive to add value to the world, even if it’s not exactly world peace.


Forex Is Why I’m Broke Adds Value to Traders

What’s next? Thanks for asking. I’m planning to post another 5 Forex Brokers reviews this month. I recently found out that if you dig deep enough, the internet is packed with information. I know it’s not exactly a discovery, even pretty obvious, but the real question is – how do I tell wrong from right? How can I trust this website, that comment or those complaints? No one to tell. You see, this is the value I was talking about earlier. I believe this project, blog, website; whatever you want to call it, adds value. You might say I’m over ambitions, but hey… In the world we’re living in, ambitious has no boundaries.


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