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As they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and although I don’t know who “they” are, I can totally get the picture: you can’t just snap your fingers and accomplish something, you have to work hard towards that goal. It’s true that sometimes the obstacles can make you want to quit but that doesn’t mean you should. If we would quit at the first sign of trouble, we would still be living in huts.

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Just like everything important, Forex takes time to learn and master. After all, if everybody could trade Forex successfully immediately after finding out where the Buy and Sell buttons are, we would be living in a world where everybody’s a trader and all the other branches of the economy would be left aside… “Hey waiter, it’s been 3 hours since I ordered. Where’s my food?” “Oh, but nobody is cooking your food. The Chef has 4 trades open and he’s trying to hedge them. Also, a short is coming up so don’t bother me anymore”. But it’s not that simple and not everybody can do it. Along the way, some of the people who try to trade will quit, whether it’s because they’ve lost some money or they simply consider the whole thing too complicated and time consuming. And that’s perfectly okay because not everyone is cut out to be a trader. But if you really want to become a trader, the first thing you need to quit is the idea of quitting. Sure, you’ll blow an account or two, but that doesn’t mean you have to quit trading Forex, you just need to do things differently. Clearly, if something doesn’t work and you keep losing money, you have to change what you are doing… unless you get a kick from losing money which would be pretty weird. The good news for you is that we’ve probably made all the mistakes possible when we were newbs so we kind of know what you need to watch out for. Constantly remembering the mistakes we made in the past is not very pleasant, but if doing that will prevent others from going broke – and by broke I mean blowing an account or 2, not becoming homeless – heck, we’ll do it. One thing we won’t do however is make you rich. Sorry, that’s the job of marketing gurus who sell $99.94 Holy Grail systems and we are simply not in that business. We will lay out the mistakes and perils you need to avoid if you want to become a trader… a successful one but ultimately you are the one in control of your decisions, you are the final piece of the puzzle.



The Change Starts in You. And!

If your trading account is in the red, if you feel the whole Forex thing is a conspiracy to get you broke, if you believe brokers are always hunting your stops, welcome to We’ve been in almost the same situation and we’ve managed to overcome it. We can show you how we did it but the change starts with you. Remember, we won’t make you rich - that’s your job – we’ll just show you what we did wrong so you can learn from our mistakes and hopefully never repeat them.


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