Forex Mistake #$1000000 – The Chicks, the Cars and Walking the Dog

Oh The Traders Lifestyle, Oh My Forex Trading Mistakes

The chicks, the cars and walking the dog. Those who trade Forex successfully can enjoy a lifestyle that is only available for a tiny portion of people in the world. Earning money from the comfort of your own home is a great perk of the job.


Benefits, Benefits, Benefits Benefits, Benefits, Benefits

Trading Forex as a hobby or professionally can have a plethora of benefits whether you are successful or not. As a professional trader the benefit of trading can only really come at the end of the month when you deposit a large sum of money into your bank account. However, if trading is your hobby then making a huge profit is not the be all and end all. Being able to work at home while having the opportunity to make some money is great for people who need more flexibility in their work life, for example if you have young children to look after. No matter whom you are if you’re successful, then life will be good. You’ll be able to afford things that you never dreamt that you could own such as a fancy car or a nice house. Moreover, women will be amazed by this interesting job or hobby you have and will want to hear more, who are you to stop them. If you’re still working and looking for a way out of your dead end job that you despise. Your dream job has been snatched from your grasp as you don’t have the qualifications or relevant experience for the work. Forex is beckoning to you like a man to his wife and you don’t need that exam result that you never quite got. You can work from home and move your working hours to fit other commitments in your life and trade as much or as little as you want. Forex is great for those who have just entered retirement as they usually have plenty of money and plenty of time but would still like to earn a little more. Additionally even if you decide that Forex is not for you and go back to the world of work then experience with the financial markets is always a benefit to any CV especially if you want to apply for a finance related job. It’s also something that is great to talk about at a job interview and will really make you stand out from any other candidates who will just be your run of the mill guy.



Too Much to Spend? Too Much to Spend?

Life as a Forex trader may all seem like fun and games but this is on the premise that you are successful. Although many Forex traders enjoy making a healthy living from Forex, for some this couldn’t be further from the truth. Often the problem with Forex and other things such as online shopping or gambling online is that you never have the money in your hand, so it doesn’t seem like a lot. If you were to go into a shop and hand over £500 for an item, you would spend some time thinking about it, whereas if you put £500 into USD/GBP by clicking a button, you often never think the money is real or it matters if you lose it. If you can afford to lose it, then Forex trading is the perfect hobby or profession, but if you’re strapped for cash and see Forex as your only option then there are alternatives. You must also consider who your actions are going to effect. If your raising a family which as we all know requires a constant cash flow, then the often erratic Forex trading will have its risks. One of the biggest problems for experienced traders more than any other is over confidence. If you’ve been trading for 5, 10 or even 20 years, you may think that you know it all. You don’t. Any trader is only as good as his last trade, in the same way a footballer is only as good as his last game. The financial markets don’t care if you’ve made over £400,000 trading Forex in the past; they’ll be just as happy to take that cash back off you in an instant. Never get complacent and there should be no reason why those thousands of pounds don’t continue to roll in.



Walking the Dog Walking the Dog

As you’ve seen, Forex trading is not without its risks that are inherent just as they would be with any similar venture. As always if you’re careful and considerate when trading then there’s no reason that you can’t enjoy a great lifestyle from trading. The chicks, the cars and walking your dog. This encompasses perfectly the life of a successful Forex trader. You’ll be living the high life with a lovely car and beautiful women at your side wherever you go, but you’ll always be able to relax at home with your feet up and make time to walk the dog in between.


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