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Well, this is a tough one… because Alpari Russia (the most prominent part of the Alpari Group) had about 1.1 million account holders in 2013. You see, with such a wide “fan base” and considering the inventiveness of people when it comes to losing money, the ways of going broke are almost infinite. So the reasons why you can go broke with Alpari are the same ones that could make you go broke with any other broker, starting with greed, frustration, poor trading skills and finishing with a bit of platform freeze, a pinch of the ever present slippage and some stop hunting. Yea, accusations of stop hunting have been made against Alpari, but for some years now, crying “My broker is hunting stops” is very “cool” among traders… Everybody thinks that a stop loss hit is a stop loss hunted. Sorry, but that’s not always the case.


My research: A few years back I worked as an assistant trader for a guy located in London. What do you know: we were using Alpari (among other brokers) so my experience with them is hands-on and I can safely say that Stop Hunting is not an issue. Other than my trading experience with them, I had to do some research related to their background and of course, to check the Internet “vibe” that surrounds them.


How to Avoid Going Broke With Alpari

  • Avoid trading during extremely volatile times. As you probably know, that’s when a platform is more likely to freeze and slippages to occur
  • Use pending orders to limit potential slippage and re-quotes.
  • Do not allow your account to become overleveraged. That way a loss (generated by any reason) will not affect your trading as much.
  • Don’t assume that your Stop Loss is constantly hunted. That will only lead to frustration.
  • Trade on a higher time frame chart. That way you will not have problems with the platform freezing or with the so called “stop hunting”.
  • Read the Terms and Conditions entirely (this is recommended before opening an account with any broker).
  • Withdraw periodically at least until you become confident that you are dealing with a reliable broker.



 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Speak

Comment Wars Comment Wars

As long as the Internet will be here, we will see different opinions, beliefs, perspectives and people will always defend their point of view to the bitter end. Some will be more vocal than others though…

User BBC from Ireland call them a “parasite“ and he says he noticed a big discrepancy between their “demon and live” accounts [1] … of course a “demon account” works differently than a live account … it feeds on your hard earned pips. Or maybe those pips are a sacrifice made by Alpari to please the god of demon accounts… Anyway, the guy finishes by saying: “Avoid Alpari and go for something else… although most traders are dishonest.” What does that even mean…? I guess his logic is flawed because first he says that Alpari is a parasite living on the earnings of honest traders and then:”most traders are dishonest”. …Umm so what’s left for the parasite to prey on? Internet logic – never disappoints.

Another user on complains about having a 50 pip slippage at the time of the Non Farm Payrolls release [2]. I have to agree with this guy, 50 pips slippage is huge (if it actually occurred of course) and this seems to be Alpari’s biggest problem, judging by the multitude of negative comments on the matter. I mean, they can’t all be false comments so maybe it’s time for Alpari to do something about their trade execution.

Of course, we have positive comments like the one from Lisa who says that Alpari “ticked all the boxes” for her [2] and one from Ahmed who says he’s been trading with Alpari for almost a year and they do “…absolute and consistent MAGIC!” [2]. They do absolute MAGIC… really, they are that good? I’m sorry guys, but I just can’t believe any of the extreme comments, whether they are good or bad. No broker is so perfect that it’s magical and almost all brokers lack in certain areas… but after all, aren’t we all a bit Good, Bad and Ugly?


Freeze! This is the Police! Freeze! This is the Police!

Nobody’s perfect, right? Alpari has some issues related to platform freezes and re-quotes. Most complaints target these issues and I agree it can be extremely bothering; after all, trading is difficult enough on its own but when you try to open a trade and your platform is still as a picture, punching the screen comes into mind. Apart from disconnects and re-quotes, Alpari adds some extra pips to the spreads they offer to certain clients. For example, the typical spread is increased by 0.5 pips for clients from Middle East, 0.2 pips for residents of India and a full pip for Mainland China traders. And keep in mind that “typical” spread is offered only under normal market conditions… but when it comes to brokers, “normal” is so relative that even Einstein would have trouble defining it. On top of that, we also found allegations of “stop hunting”, an infamous practice which takes us to The Ugly part.


Recipes, Patterns… and a Glass of Wine Recipes, Patterns… and a Glass of Wine

There’s no doubt that Alpari is one of the titans of the Forex world, but how did they manage to become one? Is there a winning recipe which every broker should follow? Well, let’s check out some of the known ingredients of that so called recipe. Alpari (Russia) was founded in 1998 and Alpari (UK) started in 2004 so that makes them one of the “oldest” brokers around, adding experience to the pot; if brokers are like wines and become better with the passing of time, I’d say Alpari is a top shelf bottle. All of their subsidiaries are regulated by the regulatory bodies of their respective jurisdictions, making them a respectable broker. The trading conditions are among the best in the industry: Meta Trader 5 ECN accounts starting at 200 bucks, with NO commission (rollover still applies) and a typical spread of 1.2 pips on EUR/USD. Of course, the popular Meta Trader 4 platform is available (spreads are a bit higher than for MT5 but still competitive) and also Alpari Direct (a web based, Currenex-powered platform). Hedging, scalping and the use of Expert Advisors are allowed; leverage goes up to 1:500.

As a special tool, Alpari offers Autochartist free of charge on their platforms. The software recognizes chart patterns automatically and if you want to know more details about it, at the bottom of this page you will find a link to a review I found on the internet [3].



Editor’s Note – Is Alpari a Scam?

We have to differentiate between a broker that needs improvement in certain areas and a Scam. It is true that Alpari could do some things better, but calling them a Scam is stretching it way too far. Besides, they are one of the titans of the industry and I don’t think they got to where they are by stealing.


Bottom Line – Would I Trade with Alpari? Maybe…

Yes, I would trade with Alpari but only if they make some improvements to eliminate slippages and disconnects. I know it’s not possible to completely eradicate these problems, especially when they have gazillions of account holders, but I’d sure like a smoother execution. Anyway, I’m not a news trader so I’ll probably be protected against huge slippages and disconnects are not a concern to me as I don’t scalp; however, if these issues would become bothering, I’d just withdraw all my money and look for another broker.



  1. Alpari in EarnForex
  2. Alpari on FPA
  3. AutoChartist Review


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