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Countless hours of online research went into each review (you can find the resources and citations at the bottom of each article) so we could show you what are the main problems of a broker, what to avoid, how to avoid it and how to protect your account. You’ll also find a clear answer – Is this Forex broker a Scam? We’ll do the research and tell you if there are any suspicions. Oh, and one more thing: we will do all that in an unbiased manner so you can be sure you’ll read an honest review. That’s it, move your fingers south and see for yourself – Is it a Good, Bad or Ugly broker or maybe a little of everything. Give a second chance to a broker that deserves it!

ThinkForex Is Why Im Broke
Broker Review

Think, FX

Think Forex gets a lot of mixed reactions. Some traders warn everybody about the huge slippages and delays which occur too often, while others say their experience with Think Forex was exceptional. Here’s what I think

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iForex Is Why Im Broke
Broker Review

Buzz, or Bust? Iforex

I’ll cut right to the chase with this one: I am simply amazed at the amount of negative comments regarding this brokerage. There’s such a negative vibe around iForex that I could easily say that everything about them could get you broke.

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RoboForex Is Why Im Broke
Broker Review

Under the table...

I don’t like dealing with brokers that use terms like “at our own discretion”. My money is NOT at your discretion and if I deposit today but tomorrow I decide I want to withdraw, I should be allowed to do that. RoboForex, guide to avoiding going broke

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SkyFX Is Why Im Broke
Broker Review

The Sky is the limit

After spending many hours on forex forums and on their website, I can say there’s not much evidence that points towards them being scammers. Now all you need to know is how to avoid going broke with SkyFX, and that’s why we’ve gathered here today!

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UFXMarkets Is Why Im Broke
Broker Review

Is it heaven, or hell?

Well, everything is relative… if you place your hand on a hot frying pan, 1 minute is an eternity, but if you touch a beautiful woman then 1 minute becomes 1 second… so even 1 minute can be interpreted differently, depending on perspective. Also as going broke!

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